Best Freshwater Fishing Lure For Spring?

I’ve seen this question being asked in some of the forums I’m in. So I was wondering what I would say is the best lure for springtime freshwater fishing?

If you’ve read some of my earlier posts, you know I like spinners for spring fishing. I also like floating minnow imitation lures like the ones that Rapala and Rebel make. And of course, being the rubber worm lover that I am, I’ll always try one no matter what the time of year. But overall, I think I get the most success and action with spinners in the spring.

In my previous post, I talked about a spinning lure that I use to catch catfish. And in the post before that, you can see part of the actual spinning lure I was using to catch that unknown fish! Both of those were the same lure. So what is this lure that I use? It’s an old Hildebrandt flicker spinner lure! Here’s a picture:

Hildebrandt flicker spinner

Sorry about the quality of the picture – it was taken with my cell phone! You probably can’t tell, but I have a number 1 and a number 2 weight lure that I use. They are very light, which goes along with my ultra-light spinning outfit. I use 4 lb test monofilament and I can cast these a good 50 – 70 feet. (You can always add a little split shot if you need a little more weight.)

So here’s a better “store” picture of the lure:

Hildebrandt flicker spinner

Are these good lures? Well remember, I bought mine back around 1970 and I’m still using it! And as you can see, the fish still love it!

So if I had to pick just one lure for freshwater fishing in the spring, it would have to be the Hildebrandt flicker spinner lure!

How about you? What’s you’re “best” lure for springtime freshwater fishing? Please post a comment and share with us?

Catch you later!

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