Fresh Water Fishing Tips

The best fresh water fishing tips I can think of would naturally start at the beginning or actually prior to the beginning of your fishing trip. And that would be the preparation. Yes, it can be a boring and tedious task – but without proper preparation your fishing trip can be over before it’s even begun!

The first tip – make sure your rod and reel are clean and ready to go. It’s as easy as visually inspecting the rod to make sure the eyelets or line guides are still properly attached. Check the reel seating and make sure that it is properly tightened – you don’t want to lose the first fish due to your reel falling out of the rod seat! Lastly check the reel’s operation – make sure that it’s functioning properly and that you have enough line on it.

Next – determine what you will use to catch the fish. If you’re going to be using bait, make sure you have enough of it to last your entire trip. Also make sure you have the right sized hooks and a sufficient quantity of them as well. If you’ll be using lures rather than bait, check them and make sure the hooks aren’t rusted and that they’re sufficiently sharp enough to do their job. Also, make sure you have enough of the lures. Plan on losing a few of them and make sure you have back-ups! If you don’t lose any… great – but if you do, you’ll be prepared!

The third fresh water fishing tip is to make sure you have the right paraphernalia – clothing, hat, license, sunglasses, etc. These will help make the trip more pleasant and also help you avoid bugs, too much sun and a possible run in with the local game warden!

These tips should get you ready to go – now all you’ll need are some fresh water fishing tips to help you catch those fish! I’ve found what I believe is one of the best books to cover these tips and you should check it out if you don’t want to come home empty-handed! It’s written by the folks at “In-Fisherman” and is titled 100 Best freshwater Fishing Tips.

With more than 25 years of experience in teaching anglers how to catch more fish, the editors at “In-Fisherman” have published their 100 top freshwater fishing tips. It covers more than 40 types of fish – from gar and bass to pickerel and muskie. It will show you the best strategies and techniques for successful freshwater angling.