The NJ DEP’s Environmental Expo 2013

Once again, we headed off to the NJ DEP’s FREE “WILD OUTDOOR EXPO’’ on Sunday the 15th of September 2013.

It had been 2 years since we last went, so I thought I knew how to get there! Silly me! I plugged in “Colliers Mills Wildlife Management Area” into Google maps and away we went! You know, you can’t always trust Google maps, right? So as we’re heading down a dirt road going farther away from civilization, and we see a gray fox, my wife’s starts to get scared and closes all  the windows!  🙂 When the GPS says you have reached your destination, I’m thinking to myself, “I should have read that PDF on the DEP website that had the directions!

There was already someone else at “the destination” who looked lost, so I asked if they wanted to follow me and once we got cell phone reception back, I’d get the directions from the website. They agreed and we turned around to start our 2 mile dirt road trek out of the wilderness. While heading back, we passed 6 more cars going the wrong way and they too turned around and became part of our caravan! Suffice it to say, “lesson learned”! I will use the directions that the DEP provides from now on!

We finally arrived at the Expo and had a truly wonderful experience. My ten year old son loved it and we had some excellent burgers while there! Even my wife had a good time.

My son had accidentally broken the tip of his fishing rod on our last fishing trip, so we got him a new rig at the Expo – for a very nice Expo price!

I took some pictures to share with you:

Hope to see you there next year!

Catch you later.

Editor Note: I know this is posted a little late, but I had problems getting the pictures off of my phone’s camera.




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